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Full-time blockchain developer experienced with JavaScript, Solidity, Python, and Java. Blockchain, applied crypto, and python scripting enthusiast.


Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

2015 - 2019

Computer Science, GPA: 3.9/4.0

The Bronx High School of Science, New York City, NY

2011 - 2015.

GPA: 3.9/4.0


Software Engineer / Blockchain Consultant

Apr. 2016 -

Axiom Technology Group, Chicago, IL

  • Designing and building production-level blockchain solutions both in-house and for external clients. Focused on merging the practical aspects of blockchain technology with existing systems.

Software Engineer

Sept. 2016 - Feb. 2017.

Oraclize Ltd., London, England | Brooklyn, NY

  • Developed decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain that leverage the Oraclize blockchain oracle service. Divised viable use cases for blockchain oracles to better promote the Oraclize service.

Software Engineer

Summer 2016.

E.ON SE | Uniper Technologies Limited, Nottinghamshire, England

  • Built a live energy asset data visualization tool/framework for multiple platforms (web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone) with an Angular 2/Ionic 2 front-end and an ASP.NET Web API.

Engineering Intern

Summer 2015.

ACME Smoked Fish Corp., Brooklyn, NY

  • Built a script to visualize worker productivity statistics from an ODBC data source. Later fully implemented for factory use.
  • Developed an algorithm to trace untracked material through the production process.

Software Development Intern

Summer 2013.

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

  • Helped design a crime scene simulation tool for the Unity Game Engine, written in C# and Java. Worked closely with graduate and undergraduate students to implement fluid story telling as an aid to crime scene investigators.


EL Tags


Winning Hack @ MD5 Hacks 2016

Hardware/Software Engineer

EL Tags is an Arduino/Python system designed decrease occupational hazard for firefighters. This minimalistic hardware solution allows emergency services personnel to accurately and passively report their positions inside of a structure without major overhead or additional effort.

be - your own bank


First place @ Hack / Make The Bank 2016

Ðapp developer

be is a simple wallet managing smart contract and front-end interface linked to the Proof of Identiy Ðapp by Oraclize. The interface allows the holder of an Estonian e-Resident ID to instantly access a private, non-custodian Ethereum wallet resolved from the resident's public serial number. be was presented at London FinTech Week 2016.



Second place @ POST /bank hackathon koeln 2016

Ðapp developer

StreetCred is an app that addresses pressing social issues via blockchain technology. StreetCred makes small change donations easier and safer through Ethereum smart contracts and non-profit networks. The service utilizes scannable (paper) Ethereum wallets with credits that can be redeemed at partnering merchants.



Project lead

OpenATC is an open source response to the increasingly automated sneaker and clothing industry. OpenATC is a collection of Python scripts designed to automate the checkout process for several major online retailers and to "level the playing field" of the secondary sneaker market.



Best use of AWS @ Lady Problems NYC 2016

App developer

Rosy is a mobile app to promote self care, body positivity, and female empowerment, by enabling women to take control of their health (and to enjoy doing it).



"Most uncommon hack" @ uncommon hacks

App developer

Telememe is a meme generating/validating app for Android that controls a vaping Teletubby doll powered by Arduino, batteries sold seperately - "Because we can't be serious all the time."